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About UsMaya and Jerry Novak Sever met on a tandem skydive in 2010 and began creating MayJer Tales in 2012. First a collection of stories of a life lived outside the box, this website is now at the center of their projects. It’s the place where they showcase their plant-based and raw delicacies and help others on their journey of growth – whether it’s dietary changes, regaining and maintaining your health or creating a life of abundance, you are welcome to join them! Maya and Jerry currently live in New Zealand with no cats, dogs, or children of their own. They tend to be around 30 years old, although that changes all the time.

MayaMaya is the creative force of team MayJer and passionate about all aspects of healthy living and eating. Coming from a medical background and always striving to expand her knowledge, it was her ankle injury in late 2012 that really set her to explore the benefits of a low-fat, raw plant-based diet and apply them to herself. As a result of good nutrition and proper exercise, her recovery after a complicated talus fracture was virtually painless, and her 100% Fit and Recovered project is meant to share the knowledge with everyone going through a similar experience. And if you’re looking for mouth-watering recipes, you’ve come to the right place – Maya enjoys preparing new vegan dishes almost as much as she loves food photography.

JerryBetween maintaining this website and taking care of the technical aspects of our projects, writing, exercise and the occasional culinary experiment (fewer of which make it to the recipes section than Maya’s), Jerry works fulltime as a skydiving instructor and freefall photographer for Skydive Wanaka. He’s done over 4000 jumps since 2002 and sharing his passion for flight with others is a major source of fulfillment for him. He’s been vegan for about 2 years now, and while he initially changed his diet because he feels plant-based nutrition is the key to optimum performance, he’s since learned that compassion and kindness to other beings are what true strength is all about. And that cooking without animal ingredients is more diverse and exciting than you could ever imagine!

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