Considering Investing In The Mohegan Sun Casino

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Considering Investing In The Mohegan Sun Casino

The Mohegan Sun Casino in Wilkes Barre, Connecticut is the eighth oldest casino in the state. Known for its long stretch of Atlantic Ocean coastline property that stretches from Connecticut to Rhode Island, the Mohegan Sun has always boasted that it is the best of the best when it comes to casino gaming and gambling facilities. However, with its recent merger with the online giant, Caesars Entertainment, it is now one of the worst. The loss of millions of pounds in betting income, and the loss of the corporate owner, Terry Rawlings, a billionaire, are signs that the once-respected Mohegan Sun has lost its way in the casino business.

It may have been close to bankruptcy in the past few years. But the current financial status is a lot better than it was a few years ago. Rawlings sold the shares of his casino company to a company called Genpact Capital. Genpact will be in charge of turning the Mohegan Sun into a profitable operation. However, it will be difficult for any new establishment to compete with the already established players like Slots, Party Poker, Paradise Poker, Blackjack Cafe, etc.

Although it is a first mover, Genpact is not the only one thinking about an acquisition of the Mohegan Sun. William F. Easter, Jr. of New York is another potential bidder. However, it is not yet known whether he too has ambitions to take over the Sun. Another bidder is John Di Lemme, the former owner of the Blackjack, Party Poker and Paradise Poker. In recent years, Di Lemme invested in a number of casinos including the Bellagio and the Venetian. He is also rumored to be interested in buying a stake in the Mohegan Sun.

So what does this mean for the current casino players in Wilkes-Barre? It means that the days of easy money in casinos are over. If you want to take advantage of great slot machines, good table games and other exciting casino experience, then you will have to be ready to part with some real cash. If you want to play free games and dine at the best restaurants, then you will have to part with a substantial amount of cash. If you are hoping to own a casino business in Connecticut, you will have to make some serious cash in a short period of time.

The key to being successful in the city of Wilkes-Barre lies in knowing which casino establishments are more likely to draw tourists in and which will guarantee returns. Knowing where to spend your hard-earned money is important. If you’re interested in slot machines and other forms of casino gaming, it is better to play at one of the four casinos located in Wilkes-Barre: the Mansion, the Aquarium, the Forum and the Bellagio. You should also ensure that you take a look at the various restaurants and hotels in the area.

Before you part with any of your cash, though, you should check out the financial statements of each of the casinos you are interested in. Take a close look at the last two years of income and expenses and determine whether or not you can realistically expect to earn money from them. New owners should also prepare for what they intend to do with the property, such as adding a room or selling it to someone else. It’s also a good idea to consider how much traffic the new location will attract before placing your bets.


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