Mohegan Sun Casino Directions

mohegan sun casino directions

Mohegan Sun Casino Directions

Mohegan Sun is one of the seven casinos on the Mohegan Indian tribe’s four hundred mile long tracks. This massive gambling establishment attracts thousands of tourists yearly and has been featured in the movies “Rocky Balboa”, “Cannonball” and “Million Dollar Baby”. The location of Mohegan Sun is the convergence point for many gaming enthusiasts from around the world who visit the area to take in the action. Because Mohegan Sun is located on the Mohegan Indian tribal lands, all casino directions are in direct accordance with their reservation laws.

When visiting Mohegan Sun, you should plan to visit the four corners of the Sun, namely, Corner Mall, Sails and Swimming Pool, Main Street and the Boardwalk. You’ll find these four places in the western portion of the casino. There is a huge video screen in the mall, displaying all of the games and sports that are on hand at Mohegan Sun. When checking out Mohegan Sun casino directions, take note that there is also an admissions desk in the mall. The admission desk offers free gambling advice and guidance and has maps and guides for guests to help them determine which gaming tables to play at.

The main entrance to the casino can be found at the corner of Main Street. All Mohegan sun card players should head directly south from the entrance onto Main Street. It’s very easy to get to the card rooms as the main facility is separated into different rooms. To access each room, one must take the stairs that leads up to the second floor of Mohegan Sun. Once off the second floor, all players are able to walk straight to the casino.

While on Mohegan sun card location, it’s a good idea to stay on the first and second floors to avoid sun damage to your skin. The first floor boasts the largest number of tables. Most sun cards at Mohegan Sun include a set of fifty sun cards. This is a generous amount and should be used prior to making a final decision on where to place your bet on that particular game.

Players that plan on playing at Mohegan Sun should keep in mind that the odds at this casino are very stacked against them. One of the best ways to increase your chances at winning is by carefully choosing the type of sun card. The casino staff will not necessarily tell you which cards have high or low odds. That said, it is wise to know which cards are most likely to win for every game at this facility. You will find this information on the various sun card placards located throughout the casino.

The location of the main entrance can be found right next to the riverwalk on the second floor. There is also a small loading dock just off the casino property. All players are encouraged to walk through this dock before they enter the casino. Mohegan sun card directions will help you decide where to place your bets on the different games offered at this facility.


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