Mohegan sun Casino Restaurants – Opening Day

mohegan sun casino restaurants

Mohegan sun Casino Restaurants – Opening Day

“In January we opened our new Mohegan sun Casino Restaurants, which have been receiving rave reviews ever since we’ve opened them. Now that we’re open again and the weather is nice and warm, we’ve got more to say!”

“The restaurants are now open on Monday, June 1st in all of the Mohegan sun Casino Resort Restaurants, beginning with The Tiki Bar, located on the Sun’s Deck, at the heart of the Resort. Once you get in our Tiki Bar, you’ll immediately notice that we’ve taken our time to ensure it is a comfortable and relaxing experience for our guests. Once inside the Tiki Bar, you’ll find an array of tropical cocktails, teas, and specialty drinks, all created by the staff using our unique blend of Hawaii Islands herbs and spices.

Our other Mohegan sun Casino Resort Restaurants includes the Mohegan sun Casino Resort Hotel, located on the north end of the Sun’s Deck, right on the main floor of the Resort, just below the pool. You’ll find our award winning Oceanfront Bistro serving up tasty bites from around the world, along with fine cocktails and a full buffet, complete with hors oeuvres, vegetarian and non-vegetarian selections, fresh fish, and much more.

The Sun’s Inn Restaurant is located on the second floor of the main building. Located at the base of the Sun’s Deck, the Sun’s Inn is a popular stop for visitors who prefer their dining and gambling experience to be intimate and relaxed. Our guests are treated to a signature cocktail, an entree selection of sushi, appetizers and deserts, and an assortment of entrees. Along with this delicious menu, guests can enjoy live music from local entertainers nightly and watch the sun rise and set over the beautiful casino property.

The Sun’s Bistro Restaurant has expanded with all of its exciting new features, with the addition of a bar area, an outdoor patio, and an indoor wine bar. If you like your food to be warm, then you’ll love the delicious appetizers and desserts offered. All of the food is prepared by our top chefs, including the signature Macaroni Grill sandwich, the Blue Moon Belgian Waffle and the New England Lobster Roll, among others.

In addition to all of these amazing new Mohegan sun Casino Resort Restaurants, we’ll be serving breakfast all day on Monday, June 1, along with all of our famous Mohegans Sun’s Deck and Sun’s Beach favorites. Guests can select from the classic favorites like omelets, sandwiches, pastas, burgers, and other items, like our shrimp cocktail, that our restaurant experts prepare on a daily basis. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is available to answer any questions that you may have about our menus and service as they continue to prepare delicious meals for our guests.


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