Hotels Near Mohegan Sun Casino – How To Choose The Best

Hotels near Mohegan Sun Casino are not hard to find. The days when it was the toughest business in town are long gone. Now, there are many luxury hotels that cater to the needs of those who are visiting the casino. What used to be the exception has become the norm for those who want a quality stay while in the area.

hotels near mohegan sun casino ct

Whether you are in town for the day or a night, you will find that Mohegan Sun is just down the road from the main street as well as many local businesses. This is one of the main reasons why so many people come and stay during the days. The beaches are very close as well.

Most of the hotels are located right next to the casino and there are plenty of rooms available for the amount of people that visit the casino. The accommodations include the five-star suites as well as the mid-level and the standard rooms. The luxury rooms can range from the floor to the roof.

There are also many restaurants in the area and they are located on the north side of the town as well as the west side of the town. In addition, the shops in the area provide a nice place to eat as well as to relax. The visitors that are in town for the week can find many restaurants and cafes to choose from.

One of the most popular attractions is the Mohegan Sun Water Park. You can get a day pass at the hotel which allows you to ride the water slides, walk the mini-mountains, ride the zip lines and see the shows at the outdoor stage. These attractions are fun and are something that the entire family can enjoy.

Another great feature of hotels near Mohegan Sun is the access to the boat ramp for those who are interested in going to the casinos nearby. These cabins come with a full service kitchen, full bath and a private balcony. They can also have a full bar along with a flat screen television and cable internet connection.

For a person’s vacation, a hotel near Mohegan Sun Casino will provide the convenience and comfort that you need. You can find various prices depending on where you are staying. The Grand Hyatt Mohegan Falls is the most expensive.

There are a lot of other hotels to choose from, but the best ones in the vicinity are the Grand Hyatt and the MGM Casino. The other options include the Radisson Hotel in Connecticut and the Comfort Inn in Burlington. The closer the hotel is to the casino, the higher the price.


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