Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut – A Great Sun City

“Mohegan Sun Casino in Conn,” owned by the Mohegan Tribal Gaming Commission, is indeed one of the biggest, most dramatic gambling, entertainment, dining and retail destinations in the entire United States. Situated on 175 acres on the banks of the Connecticut River in scenic southeastern Connecticut, Mohegan Sun has been home to two extraordinary casinos, a luxurious 35-star hotel, a classic golf course and three award-winning entertainment venues, including an arena. Mohegan Sun offers gaming options for everyone from crafters to pros to families to thrill seekers. The casino is divided into seven different rooms, each featuring a different game, as well as an extensive food menu. The hotel offers two full-service bars, numerous fine dining restaurants, an annual outdoor concert, live music, fine dining, award-winning fine wines, an indoor water park and a multitude of shops.

mohegan sun casino in conn

The casino is divided into two main sections, the Main Street Experience and the Ramada Plaza. Each section of the casino boasts award-winning gaming experiences. In the Main Street Experience, visitors can choose from a bracelet manufacturer, canopy bouncer, laser tag, and video poker. At Ramada Plaza, guests can choose from shuffleboard, table tennis, roulette, blackjack, keno and craps. This venue also features an expansive outdoor pool, a bar, laser tag, inflatable basketball and other attractions.

Mohegan Sun had been in business since 1981. At that time, it was one of the few Connecticut casinos to offer video poker. Today, the casino offers three tables in addition to the two on each floor. Each has its own television set and sound system.

The food at Mohegan Sun’s Connaught Place is exquisite. It contains foods from around the world. Some of the options include Chinese food, Indian food, sushi and Italian food. Guests can dine at the restaurant’s bar or on the gaming floor.

While at Mohegan Sun’s Connaught Place, be sure to check out the slots machines. Slots at this casino have garnered several awards, including two of the best spots in the world. In addition to slot games, the Sun has an electronic Roulette Wheel and an electronic Black Jack. The latter is a craps game. All of the games are played in original themes, so guests do not have to leave the property to enjoy them.

Many people make their trips to the Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut for a short stay for some wonderful gambling entertainment. Mohegan is located in New Haven, Connecticut. It is just across the street from the Old Haven Convention Center and is only walking distance to both the Yale University campus and the New Haven Harbor. It is within walking distance to many other Connecticut casinos as well. The casino is open Monday through Sunday.

Last updated: May 1, 2021


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