Mohegan Sun Casino Restaurants – Attractions Galore

mohegan sun casino restaurants

Mohegan Sun Casino Restaurants – Attractions Galore

The Mohegan Sun Casino is going back. “We are re-focusing on our family-oriented casinos for this summer,” said Bill Deiquette, Executive Vice President of the Mohegan Sun Casino. “We are re-establishing our casino license and are focused on providing our guests with the best possible experience. We are thrilled that Steve DeRosa and his team have worked hard to keep our heritage alive, while developing new programs to meet the challenges we face both in the casino industry and in the world of online gaming.”

“We are re-focusing on the family-oriented entertainment to our community deserves,” added Steve DeRosa, President and CEO of the Mohegan Sun Casino. “When you are ready, we are back opening Monday, June 1st at eight a.m. We are ready to welcome you into the casino grounds safe and sound. Our number one goal is the safety and wellness of all our guests – including our highly-trained staff members – and the continued well-being of our team members. We take every measure necessary to provide an enjoyable, safe environment for everyone who visits us.”

Among the new restaurant menu offerings are: Prime Rib, BBQ Ribbons, Macaroni and Cheese, Corn Balls, T-bone Steak, California Pizza Kitchen, Mozart’s Chicken Balls, Italian Meatballs, Handmade Fresh Italian Sausage, Maine Lobster Rolls, and the ever-popular Garden Sliders. The Garden Sliders is made with Canadian bacon and Swiss or English cheese. You can also enjoy Garden Crab at any Mohegan Sun Casino Restaurant. The Garden Crab is topped with Canadian bacon and Swiss or English cheese. Maine Lobster rolls are made with Maine lobster meat and mayonnaise, and they are served with a House Red Wine.

There are also several entrees available on the Main Street serving up some of the best burgers in the city. If that isn’t enough, there are over five hundred prepared entrees to choose from. You will also find over fifty different kinds of pasta that guests can choose from. There are twenty-four different kinds of pizzas offered as well. No matter what you are looking for, Mohegan Sun has it.

Of course there are other types of Mohegan Sun casino restaurants as well. There are Chinese, Indian, and Thai cuisine offered to guests who choose to dine at one of the Mohegan Sun hotels. The food choices vary by the time of day as well. In the evening there are live entertainment performances, open bars, and more. The Mohegans welcome every guest that checking into the hotel and make sure that they feel at home away from home.

Guests love the fact that they can walk right into the casino and sit down at one of the many tables. It makes for a very convenient experience. The other nice feature is that guests never have to leave the hotel. There are even conference rooms available for rent if you need to get a group together.


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