Reviewing Mohegan Sun Casino Hotel

mohegan sun casino hotel

Reviewing Mohegan Sun Casino Hotel

“If you’re looking for an awesome place to play in New Haven, Connecticut, then you should consider the Mohegan Sun Casino Hotel & Spa.” This article was written in response to my request for information on the hotel. Like many people who write to ask questions, I was impressed with Mohegan’s style of caring for their customers. However, before I begin my review, I must admit that I have never been to Mohegan Sun. I will however, refer you to my blog from last year for my thoughts on Mohegan Sun.

“Mohegan sun, owned by the Mohegan tribal gaming authority, is perhaps one of the biggest, most gorgeous, entertainment, dining and gaming destinations in the country. Situated on 180 acres along the Connecticut River in scenic northeastern Connecticut, Mohegan sun is home to three luxurious casinos, a staggering 34-acre luxury hotel, several shops, bars and restaurants and a world-class fitness and spa. Mohegan sun is within close proximity of New York City, Boston, Connecticut and Providence and just 15 minutes drive to New Haven. The hotel is divided into three different neighborhoods namely North Park, Back Bay and East Park.

The ambience of the Mohegan sun is like being trapped in a warm, tropical paradise. With a wide range of amenities, the Mohegan sun is committed to providing guests with the ultimate experience in relaxation and luxury. Each room overlooks a swimming pool with a fountain for guests to take a dip in.

There are a number of dining options at the Mohegan sun including premium Alaskan cuisine, gourmet Chinese food, open air restaurants, European restaurants, Mexican delicacies, Indian buffets and a buffet for lunch. Complimentary shuttle service from the hotel to all Mohegan casinos and a complimentary hot drink while staying at the hotel is also provided. When it comes to activities, there’s no dearth for a fun filled night. You can rent a rollerblading rink, go scuba diving, snorkeling, kayak fishing or play tennis. There’s even a sky bike riding area where you can try your hands on various tricks.

In addition to the luxurious accommodations, the Mohegan sun has other casino facilities like a VIP lounge, an art gallery, health club and a bar. With all these attractive features, you can’t help but review it as one of the best Connecticut hotels. The Mohegan sun is located near the border of Connecticut and New York and is near some of the most beautiful scenery in Connecticut. So if you’re looking for a place to call home during your next holiday, this is the perfect choice. You will truly be spoiled for choice as far as relaxation and entertainment is concerned.

Although the casino offers all that Mohegan sun is known for, the hotel isn’t all about gambling. There are bars and pubs for non-gambling guests to enjoy as well. There are also beautiful gardens that surround the sun-drenched hotel. There are many Mohegan sun hotels that are near the casinos and offer all the comforts for the non-gambling guests. Thus, there is no need to leave the hotel if you want to do something else other than playing cards and counting cards.

Last updated: May 23, 2021


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