The Mohegan Sun Casino Hotel

mohegan sun casino hotel

The Mohegan Sun Casino Hotel

If you’re a sports enthusiast, you have likely heard of the Mohegan Sun Casino Hotel. The Mohegan Sun is an ideal location for sports lovers looking to enjoy a beautiful evening and close by the Atlantic Ocean.

The Mohegan Sun Casino Hotel is located within the boundaries of Indian River, which is conveniently located off of I-95, US Route 1 and the South Shore Highway. With easy access from the town, there are plenty of attractions to make this destination special. First, the casino provides a quick spot to get caught up with all the action and excitement that await the casino goers. This location is also home to the New England Patriots, the New York Giants, the National Hockey League’s Boston Bruins, and the Cincinnati Bengals.

Next, the surrounding area is home to some of the most stunning scenery that visitors can see, including a variety of places to eat, shopping, and sightseeing. The city of Mohegan offers many attractions and restaurants including Nana’s Dinner Theater, the Alamo Mall, and the New England Aquarium. For a night of fun and excitement, enjoy a night out at one of the many bars and restaurants in the area.

Lastly, the Mohegan Sun Casino Hotel has numerous activities that your children will enjoy as well. Some of the activities include beach volleyball, an arcade called “The Bar”, and a bowling alley, as well as the casino itself.

When choosing your casino hotel, be sure to decide on the amenities you want to enjoy during your stay. After all, entertainment is what you’re after. However, choose the hotel of your choice that also offers easy access to the Atlantic Ocean, the Meteeti River, and the Connecticut River. If you don’t know where to start when planning a vacation, you may want to consider the Mohegan Sun Casino Hotel.

Whether you’re a sports enthusiast or just a tourist, the casino hotel is right for you. From the refreshing atmosphere to the fact that the casino is right next to I-95, you won’t have any trouble finding anything you want to do during your stay.

Be sure to consider the Mohegan Sun Casino Hotel when booking your next trip to one of the local casinos. Whether you’re a sports fan or just a tourist, the Mohegan Sun Casino Hotel is sure to provide a fun filled vacation.


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