What to Do in the Mohegan Sun Casino

The Mohegan sun casino is the ultimate gambling getaway for any casino goer. With over $15 billion in yearly revenue and a host of awesome amenities, you can truly say this is the best place to go on vacation. Here are the best tips on how to plan your next trip to this remarkable destination.

mohegan sun casino directions

A big part of the appeal to the Mohegan sun casino is its location. Located on the beautiful beaches of Houlton, this resort has been dubbed as the “Kissimmee of the East.” This is a huge claim, but to most gamblers, it is a true statement. For those who are hoping to take their vacation right on the beach, this is a very wise decision.

All around the Mohegan sun casino, you will find all of the necessities of life. You will be able to enjoy eating out at one of the many restaurants in Houlton and even purchase some hotdogs from the concession stand. There are several options when it comes to dining, so make sure to explore everything that the casino has to offer before you decide which direction to head to.

If you have never played at a casino before, you may want to visit the casino hall first. This is the hub of the casino for any guests wishing to play. This hall will have all of the popular slot machines that people love to play on and will also have many other games including baccarat, roulette, blackjack, and poker.

Another way to enjoy your visit to the Mohegan sun casino is to take advantage of its helicopter tour. The helicopter tours will allow you to get a bird’s eye view of the casino. They are not actually the tour, but a guided tour. It will allow you to enjoy a truly interactive and magical way to take in the sights and sounds of the casino.

If you do not want to see it from the air, you can still take a virtual tour of the Mohegan sun casino. This is possible by visiting their website. You will be able to get an amazing map that will show you the exact location of the casino and the path you need to take to reach it.

While you are touring the casino, remember to purchase a card. There are many different types of cards, so make sure to grab one as soon as you set foot in the casino. While they may look like regular cards, these special cards have special powers. Many people claim that the energy from these cards can literally give you an energy boost during your trip.

Once you are done touring the casino, you will be ready to enjoy the great food and drinks that are offered. The Mohegan sun casino is well known for its delicious food and great accommodations. Make sure that you save yourself a seat at the bar and order up a meal while you are there. This is where the real entertainment comes in.


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